Regular or Black?

I am new to working out but having some success and just want to make sure I continue that. Working out for 45 mins 4 to 6 days a week at a boot camp gym am trying out huel as a lunch replacement(considering doing breakfast and lunch) but not sure if the huel power(with lower fat but lower protein) is the way to go or huel black addition(with higher fat and higher protein). My trainer has my macros set to 35/20/45 on carb/fat/protein so that would tell me that the lower fat is the way to go but I like the way the black addition has higher protein.
Any thoughts?

Many ways to get protein. Eat smaller meals and drink lots of water.
Try the WE, grab a jar of PB Powder and go to town.
Try the BE, add fruit/veg/nut to keep you full and getting those nutrients.
Check out the “Recipes” tab under those 3 dashes up there ^^ or grab a blender and experiment.
Look online for all possible sources of protein and create a plan that works for you.
That is all

I like Black for using real sugar in flavored Huel

The White flavor uses splenda :frowning:

I’ll probably go back to half black flavor and half white U/U

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Hey @daniel4185 - welcome to the US Huel Forum :slight_smile:

Either Huel powder (v3.0 or Black Edition) can be suitable! It really depends on what kinds of physical activity you are doing, if you have a preference for sweeteners (as @miked mentioned when discussing their preferences/choices), as well as what else you consume throughout the day too.

If you are looking for a lower fat content, Huel v3.0 powder has less fat than Huel Black Edition and it also still has adequate amounts of protein per serving (2 scoops or 400 calories). Huel v3.0 powder contains approximately 30 grams of protein per serving whereas Huel Black Edition contains approximately 40 grams.

If your bootcamp also involves a bit of cardio, you will be getting more carbs from v3.0 than you would from Black Edition so this may be something else to consider too!

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Huel black for me is filling for longer period of time than regular huel.

White Huel with Whey Protein is what I did pre-pandemic.

Black is much better. white is a bit sweet for me, which = more silly eating not full feeling. Stock up on a quick protein snacks like a turkey lunch meat. (1 slice 30 cal) you will feel full.