Black Edition Coffee caramel (out of stock)

Hello, I wanted to try coffee caramel but its out of stock. How long till it will be available again?

:open_mouth:ohh no! That’s currently my favorite flavor. Did u try to order and it says out of stock?

Yep, It’s showing as out of stock.

At this time we do not have a specific date as to when it will be back in stock but we are expecting it to be very soon! Of course, you can always check back with us or email us at any time about it! :sweat_smile:

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I have two bags on the way. I’ve heard about some taste fluctuation in recent product. Is there a particular batch number I should look out for?

At this time, our products should be good to consume but i have personally messaged you to get more details on your order!

its still out of stock, after 8 days?
should I wait any longer?

We are still working on getting them back in stock very soon!

You’re lucky, that stuff is nasty. It sounded good so I ordered a bag and they should have named it caramel corn (that’s how my daughter described it). I was thinking coffee with a hint of caramel but it’s caramel with (barely) a hint of coffee.
If you like candy and sugar you might like it but if you’re looking for coffee flavor keep looking…
Unfortunately since I opened it I can’t return it.

Would Huel be able to set up an email notification system that interested parties can sigh up for to inform us when products are available for order again?

Depending on how long our product is out of stock for, we will consider adding an email notification chain. We do appreciate the idea too! :innocent:

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