Big Fan of New RTD Vanilla

I’ve been drinking the “new” RTD Vanilla in the new box, and I’m surprised at how much I enjoy the change in taste.

The RTD Vanilla chemical aftertaste is gone now and the finish, after every swallow, is really smooth.

New Vanilla is now my favorite RTD flavor, when it used to be my least favorite.

The new RTD Chocolate boxes just arrived – I have to finish up the old bottles first before I open the new cache. I’m wary of the new experience, though – based on some commentary here – because I really liked the old RTD Chocolate.

I still loathe the new box design. You have to actually rip apart the entire box from top to bottom to flatten it – so much glue – no tape to easily slice. The elegance is gone in recycling. It’s all “maim to flatten” now, and sometimes you’re the one getting maimed.

As well, when I shake the new RTD Vanilla bottles, the bottle itself seems thinner and the label now slips during shaking. Once the bottle is open, everything tightens up, but you better make sure you reset the label on the bottle before opening, or you can never return it to position.


This is interesting feedback because the original vanilla RTD is also my least favorite of the three. Has the taste changed at all in terms of overall sweetness? I stopped drinking vanilla RTD because I found it to be too sweet for my taste after a while.

I don’t find any of the RTD Huels to be sweet. The new RTD Vanilla “sweetness” tastes the same to me.

RTD Soylent, on the other hand, is like drinking candy.

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I’ve always described the Soylent RTD flavors as being like the ice cream version of whatever the flavor says it is. :grin: Luckily for me I really like mint choc ice cream.

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It would be cool if Huel added a mint choco RTD. I’d even be ok if it replaced regular choco.

I love Soylent. It was a great introduction to meal replacement that was absolutely delicious.

Then I graduated to Huel – better specs, kept me fuller longer. I try not to cheat and fall back to Soylent.

Soylent also appears to have a shipping problem and a customer service problem right now – I hope they can fix what they own!


Great feedback and insight here, @boles! Thanks so much for taking the time to write that up😁 So glad you’re a fan of the new Vanilla RTD.

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