Berry Huel tastes so bad

I know because I used to take travel sickness pills. Oats always taste soapy to me. If something is “Flavoured” then the “flavour” should be the strongest taste, not the other ingredients. Anyone have any ideas as to how to mask the inedible oat taste??? I’ve physically vomited every time I attempt to drink this

If some of the other ingredients are “inedible” to you why would you even bother buying it? Doesn’t make sense to buy something you know you don’t like the flavor of in hopes that another ingredient will overpower that flavor. Oats are the primary ingredient. It’s always going to taste like oats in some way.

I bought it out of necessity due to my job, after a recommendation from a friend, had no idea that it’s main ingredient was oats. But, to answer your question, I don’t like the taste of milk yet with flavour it’s absolutely fine so why would would I assume this would be different. It’s just that the berry flavour seems so weak that they might as well have left it out

And that shows how subjective this all is. I find the berry flavor completely overwhelming. I have to dilute it massively to be able to drink it.

But I do find it odd that someone would buy a meal replacement product without looking at the ingredients. It’s not a protein shake.

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I’m sorry to hear this David. Huel v3.0 will taste of oats because they are the largest inclusion.

You may prefer Huel Black Edition which does not contain any oats.


Berry is my least favorite, but I still found it edible. Definitely not rat puke.

I think it tastes like adding oats, bland strawberry milk, and fruity antacid tablets to a blender and drinking the concoction. But that said, I’m not a picky eater and I didn’t hate it. I just focused on eating it every day until it was gone so I could get back to the Vanilla and Chocolate which I prefer.

Berry seems to be the most devisive flavour in the range and similarly, it just never appealed to me. The best way to get through the bag is to add frozen berries to it, or use the strawberry sweetener. Once your bag is done, never go near it ever again!!!

Berry flavor was horrible for me too. Wouldn’t buy it again - but there are those that like it