Balanced Diet for Endurance Athlete?

What do you supplement your diets with if you’re doing lots of training (particularly bulking and endurance)?

I always find myself craving milk, bananas, and (low sodium) tomato juice, besides my obvious need for simple sugars. Seems like a potassium craving…
It’s not just sugar because I have other sugary items on hand that I’m anti-craving!

When I get cravings for nutrient rich things like milk or Huel I generally don’t deny my body the privilege because I assume it knows what it wants. But I stopped my multivitamin because it also had a lot of iron! I might get a multivitamin tuned specifically for training? Is anyone doing anything like this?

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For bulking, I guess powdered protein would be the obvious thing. I specifically try to not put it in my Huel Black because my understanding is that protein-synthesis is better if you space out your protein intake. For a science-based approach to figuring what other supplements might help you bulk, I’m getting to be a pretty big fan of Jeff Nippard. Here’s a video that might help:

For endurance, for me the biggest thing feels like just needing to stay hydrated. I drink about 8oz of coconut water on most days that I run (or do anything else that I think might get me dehydrated). Potassium, like you said, also makes sense, but I don’t do anything for that other than my multivitamin and maybe a banana.