Any suggestions for exercises to supplement Huel weight loss?


I’ve been using Huel for weight loss for the last 5 weeks. It’s gone relatively well overall. I started out at 14 stone and am now hovering just over 12.

The issue is, I’ve been doing a combination of huel and increased exercise. All well and good, until yesterday, when I broke my foot. I was doing a lot of cardio intervals but this is now tricky for obvious reasons.

Do I just suck it up and accept that my conditioning will reset while my foot heals? Or are there things I can do in the mean time?

You can still do pushups, right?
If you have a set of free weights, you can do curls from the couch (be mindful of you back posture)

If that’s too much upper body, try just holding your legs out straight / parallel to the floor - after 20 seconds you’ll be wondering where those weak muscles have been hiding all this time.

I’m sure you can get creative. Be careful though.

Push ups might be kind of tricky considering it’s the foot itself that’s broken. Maybe if I look at different techniques. I have some free weights but nothing overly heavy. Might be worth doing it anyway and just going for a higher number of reps.

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I’m a big fan of DDP Yoga. It builds flexibility, strength, and in my case, it helps with weight loss. Developed by Dallas Page, former pro wrestler and Dr. Craig Aaron. The workouts are highly customizable to fit your particular needs. His unofficial motto is “Make your own.”

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You have a cast/boot, right?

If you can’t rest the broken foot atop the other ankle, do the “easier” version where you pivot from your knees.

If you have one those doorway chinup bars, you could hobble to a doorway and do pull ups. :slight_smile:

You can look on-line for some yoga poses that can be done on the mat, also look for some seated chair yoga poses.

Here is to a speedy recovery.

No cast or boot I’m afraid.

The doctors said it’s not necessary to set the bone and they would rather not give one out in the current weather conditions unless it’s necessary (crazy hot here).

Still, you guys have given me some things to think about. I’d never even considered yoga, push ups from the knees might be feasible and can do some light resistance training.

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Google the terms LCHF, Keto, Time restricted eating (IF) & EF. Also “insulin and weight loss connection” here’s a primer on the topic