Any feedback from cilantro haters on Hot & Savory?

My husband and I avoid cilantro because it tastes like soap to us. We know there are others like us out there! Has anyone with a cilantro aversion tried the Yellow Coconut Curry or Thai Green Curry Flavors? We would love to know how you feel about it. And whether it is a detectable flavor in the mix. Curry is a favorite flavor of ours but we don’t want to risk buying without hearing some feedback first.


Soap? That’s a new one…

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Some people have a genetic difference that causes cilantro to taste like soap. (There was a case I heard of where a woman made repeated complaints to a restaurant thinking their food was contaminated with soap before she figured it out! Apparently it really, REALLY tastes like soap if you’re one of these people.)

I don’t have this, but I’m really curious about the Hot and Savory flavors and am interested to hear how others like them.

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I’m in the same boat,but with cumin.
The spicey Indian curry was almost past my threshold

Yup! It’s a gene mutation that provoke this! My GF and I hate cilantro for the same reason. It really does taste like soap to us too… And that’s really annoying :rofl: especially in restaurants!!

Yikes! Do you always ask whether or not your good is cooked with cilantro when you go out?