Anxiety & Depression

I’m curious if anyone that suffers from anxiety and/or depression has gone on Huel and seen any sort of difference in their mental health and moods?

Science is now discovering that the majority of mental health issues are directly related to INFLAMMATION that begins in the gut (basically what we eat). Many people have food allergies they don’t even know they have, and when they consume those foods it will often create this inflammation and result in down moods or anxiety; or it can be a result of a lack of nutrients.

So I’m curious if anyone has seen MOOD changes in themselves since going on Huel.


I’ve noticed an improvement. I was always tired and had trouble focusing, which made me irritable and depressed. On Huel I feel much more alert and “present” and my mood has improved noticeably. It’s not suddenly all kittens and rainbows, but I imagine this is more what “normal” feels like, which I haven’t felt for a very, very long time.


I can’t say that I have seen any difference one way or the other. I was a bit concerned about things getting worse since part of the move to Huel was a move away from stress/emotional eating, but it hasn’t been bad at all.


Also, keep in mind that the gut bacteria and inflammation theories are very popular right now for almost all diseases. They may end up being key, but there is often the question of which came first - the typical chicken and egg issue. Also, a recent study using fMRIs to view treatment responses by people with depression found at least 4 distinct subtypes, each of which responds differently to different treatments. I hope the diet change helps you, but as a health policy person I am always a bit skeptical of the latest fads.

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I went on a 99% Huel diet, 2200 calories a day for 4.5 days. I noticed a significant drop in my baseline anxiety and an even greater reduction in social anxiety. I also had more energy and was happier for the most part! It’s worth noting that I’m pretty overweight and had a very bad diet before huel.


There could be some improvements, because the reason for anxiety are numerous.

For example the better omega 3 to 6 ratio decreases inflammation and the EPA/DHA in omega 3 can also reduce anxiety.

Also your thyroid could work better with selenium and Iodine.

Having undetected food allergies, as you mentioned, can greatly reduce inflammation.

Your body could also build more neuro transmitter which could reduce the anxiety (like anti depressants interfere with neuro transmitters).

Magnesium and other minerals can calm your body too.

You will get upgrades where you had scarcity in your diet before.


I’m interested to see if it helps my fibro. I used to be an athlete but I’ve slowly declined over the last year. There’s just so much pain. I can’t take any of the normal drugs bc of my CDL. I’m so hopeful this is part of my puzzle.


We’re rooting for you! :hugs: Keep us updated on your progress. :muscle:

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I suffer from a mood disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, and take medication for these conditions. When I started Huel, it actually made things worse. I started to feel super “up” and scatter-brained, with difficulty concentrating, irritability, and the like. It was not pleasant at all, so I discontinued it. Something in this stuff interacts with either my medication or my brain chemistry. Monitor yourself carefully once you start Huel.


You try cutting out the meds and just consuming the Huel?

that’s…really not a wise suggestion. not everyone’s mental illnesses respond solely to ‘diet and exercise’, and there is no shame in either needing psych meds to function or taking them, despite what society or health-conscious people would like to tell us.

with respect to the OP, i deal with anxiety that has not really responded one way or the other to diet. it did respond, however, to weightlifting, work i actually found meaningful, ditching an abusive career and abusive family, trauma-informed therapy, and deepening my friendships. for most of my adult life i have either been a flexitarian or have eaten a paleo-ish diet – the pandemic put a halt to that, unfortunately.

i went on huel a few years ago while in said abusive career, as i didn’t have time to cook for myself but still wanted something nutritious. i was also having trouble maintaining weight with all the physical activity my work required. liquid food actually made me feel a bit sadder. not the fault of huel itself; i just need a lot of stimulation, variety and novelty to be happy. cooking with it helped, as did relegating it to no more than half my diet.