Amazing Protein

I love my Huel. Last year I found out the reason I kept getting sick was because my body is unable to process animal proteins correctly. I have some kind of weird enzyme deficiency that makes it difficult for me to digest meats mostly. My host sister from Germany has been a vegetarian her whole life, so I asked her what I should do, and she recommended Huel as the very first thing. Getting protein in is so important, and I wasn’t getting enough! Now I have pre-made in my office fridge and at home, bags at my house my office and my boyfriends house! It’s so good, keeps me full and I’m no longer struggling to get my body what it needs! It’s also really great for on the go meals. I’m in the car a lot, or busy at work so this makes it really easy for me. Can’t stress enough how much this drink has changed my life! No amount of supplements were going to fix my problem.

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Hey Kaitilyn, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Protein is definitely important and I am so happy to hear Huel has been able to help! :raised_hands: Which product/flavor is your favorite so far?

Hey Charlotte! Thank you! So far I LOVE the bottled chocolate, but I also have bags of chocolate and berry that I love too.