Adding quantity error

The quantity must be 2 to add one of the regular powder to my current subscription. Once any of the options is 2, then it starts calculating correctly

Heyo! I’m a bit confused on this note. Can you elaborate it a bit more?

Sure. Under Subscriptions and Orders I click Add to Box, then scroll down to Huel Powder 1.1, click Add to Next Delivery. Clicking any + button to add one to my subscription does nothing but show a one between the - and +. Clicking + again actually adds the one, as seen by the price going up. If I leave it at 1 and try to update the order, it tells me it’s an invalid quantity <- Added one with no update. <- Adding two shows the price of one

All the options on this page have the same behavior.

Got my shipment, received two bags of powder. Is the minimum two? That would explain my problems, but that’s not stated anywhere.

Two bags is the minimum order.