A few issues with your "Add address" page

I cannot add any new addresses due to requests failing at your API endpoint with the status 500 and the error message -

Maybe this is caused due to there being no Huel USA site and selecting USA in the region preferences takes me to Huel Global?
Anyway, that’s just speculation on my part.

Also for some reason, the input text boxes for the add address form are also search boxes.

It wouldn’t let me add more than one screenshot. Here’s the form text boxes acting as search -

Here is the error message from the request to account.huel.io/api/addresses

And here is selecting USA as the region taking me to Huel Global instead. Might be what causes the invalid shop domain error.

Hey. Thanks for showing us this! I’ll pass this over the dev team.

This is still not resolved and I cannot add subscriptions because I cannot add a new address.