Unable to Change Billing Address & Shipping Address


An order was processed earlier today for my current subscription. I just noticed that this order was billed to my previous billing address (I moved a couple of months ago). I see on the website that you are given the option to update your shipping address, but I cannot seem to find a way to update my billing address. Even when I try to add a new payment method, it does not seem to give me the option of associating that new card with a new billing address.

I also noticed that one of the lines on my current shipping address is incorrect. On “Address Line 2” it has the old information from my old shipping address. I have tried to delete the text in “Address Line 2,” but after I click “Save,” the website refreshes and nothing changes. I would really like that line to be removed from my current shipping address because I feel like it could confuse the delivery person.

I also wrote an email to Huel Support (my message is #591820) but since this order is about to ship, it seemed like it could be urgent. I apologize for being redundant with posting this on the forum and also emailing Huel support, I just wasn’t sure who would be best to contact in this situation.

Thank you for reading!


It seems that one of our CX team member has replied back to your query but I have personally messaged you as well in case you had any more questions :blush:

Thank you for reaching out Domenique! The order was delivered to my residence today without any issue. Thanks again!

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I am having a similar issue. I moved recently and I can not delete my old addresses. In addition, Line 2 shows the old address info.
How do I fix this?

Dropped you a personal message to further assist :blush:

What’s the point of putting these questions on a forum if the replies aren’t also made available? I have the same issue as Hueligan23. I can’t remove defunct or incorrect addresses, and I’m about to move. If the information was here, I’d know. Now I need to wait for someone to see this and respond to me personally as well. Ummmm… really? Maybe re-think this?

Hey @tassospat - completely understand where you’re coming from here. With this specific situation, billing addresses for subscriptions have to be updated on our end manually. This is why my colleague messaged both individuals to assist them further!

With that being said, I’m happy to help amend the address for you. I’ve just DMed you and I can get that sorted. :slight_smile:

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