50/50 Mix v3 and Black Powders

I am trying to manage Type 2 Diabetes and started off with using black powder. I have found that I may need slightly more carbs throughout the day especially pre-workout. Is there any harm or downside to using a 50/50 mix of v3 Unsweetened Powder with Black flavored powder? I just had my first mix and I actually enjoy the taste. It was less sweet.

I take it you’re having issues with your blood glucose dropping lower than it should? Mixing the two powders isn’t an issue. You can keep tabs on your blood glucose to see how you respond. Let me know how it goes and if you have better results. :biking_woman:t3:


Thank you for the response. I have used the 50/50 mix since this post and have better energy levels without raising my Fasting Blood Glucose levels. Right now I am having full serving of 50/50 for breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner/workout snack and feeling good. I am eating a sensible dinner following ADA plate method. Doing great. I am down 14 lbs with the meal plan plus daily exercise of 30 minutes. Diabetes reversal underway.

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Hey @DrData, so happy to hear this and I agree with @SShann!

Please do keep us updated and let me know if you have any further questions!