400 kCal Protein Bars

The 200kCal Protein Bars bought in packs of 60 yield approx 72 calories per dollar, while my afternoon Chipotle order yields approximately 75 calories per dollar (of course the Huel powder yields nearly 163 calories per dollar, but that’s a separate topic). I was wondering if it might be more cost effective for certain consumers to put out a 400kCal version of the protein bar?

Hey Anders, welcome to the Huel forum!

The bars are more of a snack while the powders, Hot & Savory and RTD are meals. I wouldn’t compare your Chipotle order to the bars for that reason, as it’s not a fair comparison.

Would you be interested in a meal bar?

Can we do vitamins and minerals per dollar instead?

I got a variety box of the Huel protein bars in the mail today, so I’ve been munching on all the flavors throughout the day and it’s really convenient! Also makes me wish there were a bigger meal version. :slight_smile:

Or maybe if the Huel “bar” was a bag of round balls of Huel, like 50 cals each or something? Easy for the customer to customize the calories without having to measure it out.

idk. Love the protein bars anyway. Haha.

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Ooh, now Huel balls OR mini crunch bars! :trophy: What flavors would you start with? Thanks for the suggestion.