4 month Huel safe to consume


I purchased Huel back in 2018, ate here and there, and today I had it once again. No issues, till 4 hours later, when I decided to have a glass of 2 % milk. I feel bloated, can’t stop going to the bathroom. My question is, was it the expired Huel product? or the Milk? Is it safe to consume Huel after its expiration date?

It could’ve been anything… The high fiber in Huel, the milk, etc. You might be lactose intolerant and not even realize it. I don’t think it’s the expired powder; if anything it might just have a bit of nutritional degradation but it shouldn’t spoil.



I agree, I think it was a bit much (2 scoops) of the back late in the evening. I don’t that the expiration had anything to do with the many trips to the bathroom, if anything, I think it was doing its job (fiber, that is). The taste was not bad at all, it actually taste the same. However, the nutritional value, not sure. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun that night and disposed of it. Either way, it is a good product, and will be purchasing it again.