3 week delay between being billed and shipment date

I updated my subscription a few weeks back so that I’d have more Huel in order to have it 3 meals per day. The subscription became active on December 4th and I was promptly billed for the order, but I received no notification for delivery. I checked the website, and that order has an expected shipping date for 3 weeks after I paid for it. I really do not want to be without Huel, the program is starting to work for me and I don’t want any interruption. Is this normal to wait three weeks to deliver on a subscription after charging the account for it?


It’s possible that the shipping date you are looking at on the website is for the NEXT shipment. A number of people have been confused by that and have ended up double ordering.

So you didn’t receive any email at all after updating your subscription? Hopefully a rep will chime in soon.