3 Scoops or 127 grams?

When I use 3 scoops it comes out to ~107 grams. Not 127 grams. I just wanted to make sure 127 grams is what I should be measuring out. I kinda expected to lose weight quickly since I’m rather large in size, and eating basically 127 grams x 3 per day hasn’t made much of a change.

The estimates I’ve seen on here usually put 3 scoops at about 114 grams, or 450 calories. This can vary based on how much was successfully scooped and how densely the Huel is packed. Since you are measuring it out on a scale anyway, I believe you are indeed getting right around 1500 calories a day.

I have two questions, the first being how much of a caloric deficit are you eating at? If you don’t know you can use the calculator on this page:

The second and more important question is, how long have you given it? While some people experience an immediate drop in water weight, others don’t, and water weight isn’t something that matters much anyway. I would say give it at least two weeks, as it really takes that long to rule out natural weight fluctuations.


“Rather large in size” can mean a lot of things.

If you don’t mind answering, what is your height, sex, and age range? Height is used to determine ideal body weight and basal caloric needs.

I am a 5’11" male, in my 40’s, so my ideal weight should be around 160 - 180 lbs (if I’m not doing heavy weight lifting), or a goal 34 - 36 inch waist (which is, IMO, a much better indicator of healthy body fat than my weight). So my bare minimal caloric needs are around 1700 calories per day. If I am active, it goes up. I do modest exercise so I am needing about 2200 to 2400 calories of energy per day, give or take a few. That energy can come from food or food + stored fat. The closer I get to my ideal weight, the more energy I will need to extract from eaten food and rely less on stored fat, although I could go a few days without food and not die.

I am not saying that calories-in-calories-out model is the definitive model for body fat loss. In fact, it ultimately has to do with insulin. But, none the less, daily caloric intake can be a proxy (rough estimate) for total daily insulin production from your pancreas, especially if you eat the same macronutrient mix with each meal. In essence, as you “cut calories” you are cutting carbohydrates (and protein to a lesser extent) which lowers the amount of insulin your pancreas makes, which then allows for fat to more freely come out of adipose tissue. And this is the ultimate goal of “weight loss”. To lose fat from adipose tissue, not lose muscle or water weight. So to selectively lose fat, we lower the most potent hormone involved in fat storage = insulin. And being a low glycemic index food, Huel makes this process even easier since it raises blood sugar modestly, thus causing only a modest insulin response from the pancreas when eaten.

But none the less, we are trying to guage a rough estimate for your total calorie needs of your body. 300 grams of Huel per day could be too much for a 4’ 11" 120 lb female or way too little for a 6’ 2" 260 lb male who is training for World’s Strongest Man.

Just use 1 cup of Huel, that’s 3 scoops! 16 oz of water and your set, simple as that! :v:️Out

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