2 new ones 4 yer face

If you use supplements, specifically creatine, when exercising, I have found that it mixes safely with a post workout shake.

Here’s my newest food plan/exercise breakdown:

Pre-workout - 2 scoops (flavor Huel), 1/2-2/3 scoop whey protein powder
Post-workout - 2 scoops (flavor Huel), 1/2-2/3 scoop plant protein powder, serving creatine

Both of these shakes use a base of water.

My next concoction is almond/banana milk (14oz), filtered water (3oz), 2 rounded scoops vanilla Huel, 1 egg.
This is thick. You’ll need to adjust water level for desired consistency.

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@nachosalad78 coming through with some fun recipes😍