Best post-workout shake yet

…(disclaimer: slightly biased because mouth sensation experimentation)

In a blender add 2 cups filtered water, 1 brown egg, 1 scoop chocolate plant protein, 1 scoop chocolate Huel, 1 scoop berry Huel, 1 serving creatine, 4-5 large strawberries, handful blueberries, whole banana, 1/3 cup o.j.


I’ve found, when making a shake in a blender, adding solids to a base liquid and then adding another liquid to the end helps to blend everything together smoother, with less clumps and chunks.

This super nutrient-dense power shake will satisfy all the hot spots: flavor, check. muscle recovery, check. hunger, check.

Only downside is you’ll find yourself needing to drink a lot of water afterwards. My bad. Totally worth it :wink::ok_hand:

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Now that is a lot of ingredients :star_struck:
What would you call this?

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