1st time Huel User here woot! Have you tried any other meal replacements?


I’ve only recently started on Huel but so far I’m not liking it any more than Soylent, which I used for several months as a couple of my meals per day. So far the meal replacement I’ve enjoyed the most is MealSquares. The only problems I have with those are the cost and them having to be refrigerated to stay fresh. They taste better than any of these liquid meals and gives that feeling of still eating actual food. You do have to drink a lot of water with them as well since they are very dense.

Going to try sticking with Huel for now but I really need something to add to it to make the taste more bearable.


Huel definitely has a flour taste to it. I have been using Impact Protein for years to blend in more flavor AND get more protein. I would suggest avoiding the isolate though. It makes the drink more frothy and gives me terrible gas and my BMs are shall we just say… not solid. (Sorry TMI) :see_no_evil:

MealSquares are definitely great. But they’re small and orders take forever to get to customers.
And you can’t buy in bulk because ya they go bad. I forgot one in my backpack that got smashed in the bottom. Probably in there for 2-3 weeks and it was very very green/black moldy lol. I guess that means the ingredients are all natural for sure!!!


Tried Soylent off and on through v2.0. Coffiest was awesome, but whatever they use across the whole product line destroys my insides. I never adapted to it. They seem a little too liberal with the ingredients and when they stated “We ate several bars with no adverse effects!” as their official testing methodology after 100’s of people reported getting ill, I decided I just can’t trust them to know what they are doing.

I decided to try Huel because of the positive reviews and the fact there are no exotic ingredients that I need a PhD in Molecular Biology to understand. I have had 2 servings of Huel so far with no adverse effects! Fingers crossed!


In tried huel first. Had a bit of trouble getting used to it at first but once I did it wasn’t bad. I am in the process of finishing the last of 7 bags of Soylent 1.8 powder and I plan on going back to huel. Soylent is strange to me. The texture while somewhat smoother them huel is also very oily. I can taste the canola oil they use and gotta say after drinking that much of it im not a fan. While it mixes well with other ingredients I haven’t found a way to remove the oily flavor or slight after taste.


I tried super body fuel when there was a back order of huel. Not great. Stayed away from most other brands because of sugar/soy ingredients. I love Huels taste and texture, dont think i wull be straying again!


I had settled on low carb whey 100% Food for breakfast and LOVED IT! I am still sad that they closed. Had they stayed, I would never have even thought about looking for something else.

I had tried Soylent bags before that, but don’t like chemicals, nor soy. The rest of the product line is too expensive for me.

I’ve been using Super Body Fuel’s Keto Fuel for a while too. I like it, but it’s a PITA. You have to mix oil in (I use olive oil), and blend it. Shaking doesn’t work well enough. This is true of all their products except Shmilk. TIP: If you are going to try this stuff, do NOT use extra virgin olive oil as it gets very bitter when blended.
I mix 3 servings at a time because of the PITA factor, but then you’re supposed to consume it in 48 hours, so that’s inconvenient too.
Bottom line is if you don’t mind blending, this company’s products are pretty good, and at a decent price.

Overall, I’m happy with Huel unflavored. I tried the vanilla, but I won’t use it as it contains Sucralose.
The carb percentage is higher than I like, but it’s not so high that I won’t use it, as is the case with many other products of this type.

Currently, I’m using Huel for breakfast, and Keto Fuel for lunch, but I plan on switching to Huel for lunch too when my Keto Fuel runs out. If Super Body Fuel ever comes up with a formula that doesn’t require added oil and blending, and is low carb or is keto, I may go back.


No kidding. He’s got some experience!


Great info here, thanks for sharing your experience!


Hello, he will is my first experience with a meal replacement. I’m using it to try to gain weight. I am overjoyed so far. I mix as described, except in the place up regular ice cubes are use my frozen wheatgrass cubes. It tastes great with the vanilla powder. I had trouble drinking it when I first got it, but have found that if I drink it through a straw it goes down easy. I like the taste. I also tried a bag of unflavored, trying to avoid the artificial flavoring. I’ve used various essential oil’s and other “natural” flavorings to the unflavored powder, but cannot get it to taste as good as the vanilla. I just signed up for a subscription, two bags every four weeks of vanilla. Now I have to figure out how to get through that bag of unflavored that I have. I did try vanilla Bean already - Any suggestions? :nerd_face:


I’ve seen many people say they blend the unflavored and vanilla together to “use up” the unflavored … making a slightly less sweet version. If you tried different ratios to find one you like you could blend the rest and use it up I bet.


After a couple of years toying with Huel, I’ve changed to Athlete SuperBodyFuel because Huel doesn’t ship to Australia, and the nutrition profile seems to be similar.

The Vanilla version, once left to rest for a while as recommended, is actually not a bad dessert for my tastes! I don’t remember Huel getting this tasty (but maybe I just didn’t experiment enought).

The only thing I miss from Huel is that their information on the composition and its reasoning is so much better. And these forums are also a great source of information…