You sent me the wrong order

I spent 200 bucks and recieved the wrong order. What now?

I would like my order

Um no. Its huels fault.
I ordered 30 days worth of RTD chocolate. And received 1 small box of Berry RTD. How is that not huels fault?

Hello there!

Apologies for the delay – we are just looking into your issue and will be reaching out to you about this via email soon.

Send me my order. I’m tired of waiting. Is this really how your company does business? You wont last. I want what I paid for NOW. Not in a month.

Your company has terrible customer service. You guys didnt even get back to me after 4 days… you’re not THAT busy. Send my order to me. This is rediculous

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Hey James - I’m really sorry for the delayed response here! I’m responding to your email as we speak and we’ll get this squared away for you immediately. I’ll do everything I can to amend this major inconvenience for you! Chat soon.