You can be a Huel Ambassador!

Hey guys! If you guys follow us on social you may have seen some stuff about becoming a brand ambassador!

We’ve just set it up and what that means is you sign up here then you can check out a bunch of missions, and if you complete them you build up discounts off Huel. When you want to you can stack those discounts and use them on your next Huel purchases!

We know you guys have been Huel ambassadors since you started using Huel, but we wanted to add a bit of creativity to it. It’s not about sales or anything, although there’s a few bits hardcoded in the app which mention sales, it’s just creating fun content and giving you guys some discounts.

The missions will be updated regularly, but there’s a few in there already! We love our community, we love you guys and hope some of you sign up and have some fun!

And if you have ideas for missions then we’re all ears! :point_down:

I’m really glad there’s not a commission route. Joined, looks fun, and probably will start up some of my other social media again. :smile:

@Tim_Huel I’ve joined on the app but have searched for Huel and it’s not coming up! You should be able to just click the link here and it will auto direct you to apply for Huel – Youll be automatically approved

Hi there! Any chance you’re looking for ambassadors over at twitch? Gamers often don’t love cooking. Just got my box with my first order today. I’ll be unboxing on stream.

I absolutely loved the idea of this programme unfortunately it’s poorly thought through. To redeem any rewards, you have to reach Gold status with Brandbassador which requires 100 completed missions (Huel has 13 available right now). Not only does that mean you need to contribute a lot of content, but you also need to wait until Huel releases 100 unique UGC missions which seems like a very tall order. All this has done is alienate me as an active social user and promoter of Huel, so definitely a misstep for a brand and product that I love the heck out of.

Hey Luke! Welcome to the forum, but sorry this is your first message. The good news is that this isn’t the case at all. There is a minimum $10 withdrawal on your vouchers, that’s it. You don’t need to be a Gold Ambassador or have completed [x] amount of missions. If you have at least $10 of vouchers earned then you can withdraw them. :raised_hands:

Could you point me in the direction of where it says this? A lot of the app is hard-coded so we can’t change it based on what Huel wants to do. However other than what I’ve described above there are no restrictions on withdrawing discount codes, plenty of people have already withdrawn their codes and have used them!

Can I get a rough idea of what the missions consist of?

Posting a picture, commenting on something, writing a post … it’s very easy tasks that you can get done - it requires multiple different social media accounts though (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) if you wanted to complete all tasks - which are pretty easy to get done.

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This is totally my bad and thanks for your message Tim. As you pointed out I was clicking the wrong option and trying to withdraw cash versus Huel credit. It worked perfectly once I did this. I don’t think Huel support are aware of this as I went there first, so maybe something to pass on. Thanks again for making my day & restoring my faith in Huel!

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