Affiliate program

My name is Andrew and I was wondering if I could be an affiliate. I have an Instagram page with 1.8k followers. If there is an affiliate program i would love to be apart of it

Hi @Andrewthenics,

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t offer an affiliate program.


Nor sure what you wanted from an affiliate program

If you could convince 1% of 1800 followers to use the refer a friend link you would probably be able to get your own huel covered (assuming that 5-10 can be stacked)

Generally though, you should use your influence to get your followers to try Huel - for their health and the health of the planet. But you know, whatever. :slight_smile:

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:roll_eyes: I’m sure he promotes huel anyway to his followers for health and the planet. But they are missing a trick by not having an affiliate scheme. Referring a friend does not pay the bills and promoting products you are really passionate about and helping them make sales is win win.

I’m launching a men’s health & wellness blog and will be be promoting brands that I love & use. Not employing an affiliate program is truly a missed opportunity for Huel. I hope this will change someday soon.

If they started that and lots of people started trying to sell, personally it might make Huel untrusted from the stigma from pyramid schemes. Personally if I didnt know Huel and I saw someone trying to get the name out there for sales(affiliate/‘partner’).

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When you love a brand, you should promote it because you love it, not because they sign your paycheck. I for one never buy any promoted content because I know the person promoting it is being paid to say nice things. Take Raycon for example.

Huel promoted themselves to me on Facebook nearly 3.5 years ago, and I’ve been a member since. No affiliate needed.