Will there ever be a RTD version with caffeine?!?!

I love the huell RTD, I’ve been having it for breakfast almost everyday for the past 8 months.



I agree, kills two birds with one stone!

I make the powdered Huel with coffee instead of water

And yeah, since i slam it down i get a full dose of coffee in one megashot

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We hear you! I’ve passed this onto the development team so watch this space.

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Just as another data point, I am a long-time Soylent user whose breakfast for almost every day of the past few years has been their caffeinated RTD product (originally “Coffiest” and I guess they call it “Cafe Mocha” now). I never really looked at Huel before today, but a friend sent me this article and now I’m interested in Huel for its lower sugar content.

I was disappointed to see there’s no caffeinated RTD version available (yet). The convenience of a zero prep meal with caffeine included is very valuable to me. Soylent replaced my breakfast and my morning coffee; Huel won’t replace my Soylent unless it can do both of those as well.

No idea how representative I am of the potential customer base, but just wanted to make sure you knew that the number of people who would switch from Soylent to Huel if Huel had a caffeinated RTD version is greater than zero. :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

I think it’s an absolute necessary and incredibly logical product extension that will dramatically increase the total addressable market.

Great idea Dan (and name)!

It’s something we are looking into so we may in the future, can totally see why a caffeinated RTD appeals to you.

So, I don’t know why it took so long for me to remember this, but caffeine pills are a thing that exists. :slight_smile: Having the caffeine already in the drink is even more convenient, but just taking a tablet along with it is very little effort and a totally manageable workaround.

I personally won’t be switching to Huel right now even with this, but that’s only because I’m now on a keto diet. If I end up going off keto, I’ll be going back to Huel (plus caffeine pill) instead of back to Soylent.