Will Huel spam me?

Dear Huel,

I consider switching to Huel, after having tried Jimmy Joy (https://jimmyjoy.com/) and Jake (https://jakefood.com/). I enjoyed both of these companies’ products, but I strongly dislike the spammy/pop-up-heavy website by Jimmy Joy and the email spam I get when I order from both companies (e.g. requesting a review, 10%-of-off possibilities). I contacted both of these companies and they stated I cannot be left in peace (i.e. it is all automated and they will not turn it off for just me).

Will Huel spam me as well after I order something?

I do appreciate a confirmation when ordering, status of the delivery, etc.: that is essential for me buying the product.

If ‘no’, my next order will be at Huel :slight_smile:

Cheers, Richel Bilderbeek

Hey Richel - welcome to the US Huel forum! :grin:

If you wish to be taken off of our email list when you order, send us an email to support@huel.com and our team can assist with that!

Hi @Charlotte_Huel, the other companies I mentioned send emails after each order, e.g. for a review or for discounts. Those companies cannot remove this.

Will Huel never send me these promotional emails after an order?

I just checked in with our team on this to be sure for you. You can email our team at the email above (support@huel.com) and we can unsubscribe you from promotional emails if you wish.

The only emails you will then receive from us are the transactional emails such as your order and shipping confirmation. :raised_hands:

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Okidokey, I just placed an order and sent an email to support. Let’s see if this works. Please be awesome :pray:

Hi @Charlotte_Huel, I can confirm the promise is kept and I receive no promotional emails! Thanks for being awesome!

Cheers, Richel


Yeah I also opt out of any promotional emails, even from companies that I regularly shop. I like keeping my email trim and neat. Huel has never sent me promotional stuff for the 3 years I’ve been buying from them.

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Regardless of whether Huel spams or not, all you have to do is click the unsubscribe button in the email.