Will Huel be featured at any health or vegan festivals?

I know free food samples are a bit suspect in a post-Covid world, but does Huel ever attend health or vegan fairs/festivals? This would be a good way to introduce Huel to people who are interested in healthy nutrition or vegan foods. Huel could either be a food booth selling meals to people in attendance, and/or Huel could give out free samples.

I haven’t found any such events when I searched this forum. I have never tried Huel, but I’m very curious. However, I am not likely to shell out over $75 to try a food I may or may not like, even if there is a “free refund” policy. If you do plan to attend any fairs or festivals, I’d like to know when and where.

Thank you for sharing with us your idea! We do not have any events or festivals looking to attend at the moment. I will definitely share this idea with our team.

What are some events or food festivals you enjoy attending?

I live in Connecticut. The vegan fairs I know of are:
New England VegFest in Worcester, MA on May 22, 2022
Compassionfest in Hamden, CT on July 23, 2022

There’s one in NYC as well. I think it’s in September.

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