Where is 3.0? Where are the flavor boosts?

Does the U.S. not get 3.0 yet? You announced it a couple of months ago, and yet my subscription continues to deliver me 1.1. Also, when is somebody going to finally re-stock flavor boosts? I mean my goodness, it is going on 8 weeks and you still haven’t re-stocked much of anything outside of chocolate or vanilla, which is pointless since that’s what the base is for me.

Get it together!

They said flavor boosts are likely to get back in stock mid February. Interestingly enough they have some chocolate cherry limited ones now. But most of the others are dithered out. I am waiting on the flavor boosts to make my next purchase and then I’ll tack on some bars to try.

My 1.1 subscription automatically switched to 3.0, and my subscription renewal came very close after the release of 3.0. I am in the US.

There’s mocha available today! :slightly_smiling_face: