What's your Huel story?


I’m too busy taking care of kids to eat so I needed something good for me. That’s about it. Also I needed something dairy free because of my IBS. Bam.


Hi Alex. Huel came up as an ad in my IG feed. I have always joked that I wish there was human food as easy as buying dog food. I’m a good cook but not a fan of grocery shopping. My first order is being shipped as I type so I haven’t tried it yet … but can’t wait. I’ve been athletic my whole life and used to do triathlons so I’m no stranger to doing meal replacement shakes. At just shy of age 50 I find it harder to keep in optimum shape. The vegan thing is interesting to me but not the main selling point. From time to time I feel like I need to shake things up. Ha. See what I did there? :joy:

Bonus points for good graphics. The packaging and website look awesome.


I found Huel first due to a sponsored post on Facebook. After that, of course I started seeing the ad on Instagram too so I was constantly reminded of it. I looked at the website and was intrigued by the “food of the future” idea, but didn’t think much of it until I drank a Soylent for a rushed lunch one day. Afterwards, I started reading more about people’s experiences with Huel via the forums and on Reddit. I decided to take the plunge to try it since I can get pretty lazy and it’s nice having an option to easily pack a lunch with little effort. The nutrition facts are easily accessible, so I can plan my meals around Huel too as I count my macros.


Facebook ad and a desire to improve my breakfast nutrition led me to order. I used to eat cereal until I was full and then come to work and pop a caffeinated soda to get my energy up. No more!

Now it’s my morning dose of Huel which I seem to crave, and my energy in the morning is noticeably different. I don’t need a caffeinated soda to get me going. I’ve recommended Huel to several people, it’s really changed my life!

There was a 2 week or so adjustment period where I was a little more “airy” than normal, but that’s seemed to have calmed down. Fortunately. :smile: