What's the nutritional breakdown of using whole dairy milk instead of water?

Was just wondering if anybody had reliable numbers on how many extra calories, fats, protein, etc. that one gets when using 17 fl. oz. of whole dairy milk instead of water and two scoops of Huel. Thank you!

Aren’t those details in the nutrition label on your milk?

A serving is 8 oz and 149 calories

17/8 = 2.125 x 149 = 316.625

Two scoops of Huel is the same 400 calories no matter what liquid is used…

Looks to me like you would be almost double the calories using so much milk

Have you tried using only 8oz of milk, then topping up to 17oz with water? You’d get some of the smoothness from milk but only 149 calories.

You can use the same 2.125 servings times any of the nutrition info (ex: protein, fat, etc)

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