A Box of Chocolates

These just-delivered RTD chocolate boxes are more milk chocolatey (below) in color than the first-day-ordered RTD dark chocolate color (above) boxes – is this by design or by wounded eye?

The also – just-delivered RTD berry boxes, both old and new – are identically pink and unchanged!

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Ha ha. My guess is InkJet. They were running low on ink for your second shipment. Someone needs to stop by Office Depot for refills.

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Yes, definitely a change in ink quality. All four new RTD chocolate boxes were the new “lighter shade” while all four new RTD berry boxes were the same as ever.

One amazing improvement was in shipping from PA to NJ – one day! Ordered on the 18th, 100% delivery of 8 boxes on the 19th by 11am. A stunning success!

Usually, FedEx Home delays the fourth box a week or so to deliver it as they wish when they feel there’s room on a truck to complete the order delivery.

FedEx is the honey badger of parcel delivery services.

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