What type of b12 is used

Im wondering what type of b12 you use. Since you guys don’t use animal products that leaves really only 1 usable b12 analog which isn’t the best but as long as it’s not unusable analogs then it should be okay.

It’s gonna be a good day for some B12 ! Per one of the articles written by James:

" Vitamin B12 – As vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products, and Huel is vegan, all of the B12 in Huel is added in our micronutrient blend in the form of cyanocobalamin. ​Although this form is artificial, other forms are either not as well absorbed by the body or are not stable in food products over shelf-life, so nutritionally cyanocobalamin is the superior form of B12.​"


Yessir thats the one. Good to know, thank you.

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