Plant-based milks

We know some of you love to have Huel with something other than water so we have written a guide on plant-based milks to help you out!


Very nice. And we needn’t worried about getting a fortified plant milk if we are exclusively blending Huel powder into it.

In fact, I doubt anybody “needs” fortified plant milk since the other food they eat contain a good amount of nutrients. I buy my plant milks based on taste and amount of added sugar. I could care less about their fortified nutrients. But that’s just me.

I’m going to be really predictable and say it “depends”. On a any diet, but a plant-based diet especially, micronutrients such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D can be low. Fortified plant milks is an easy way to top them up.

For me, since I live in Florida and get enough sunshine to make my vitamin D, I don’t personally worry about it. But I suppose there are people whose situations would not let them get enough sun exposure to ensure proper vitamin D production. (And then there is the unique vitamin D deficiency with chronic kidney disease.). But yes the general public is getting a substantial amount of vitamin D from their cow milk and milk products. Although I think most cows milk has added/fortified D as well. Not sure if the mother cow actually secretes natural D into the milk. I’d have to look that up.

For my B12 I have whatever I get in Huel and I take a once weekly Cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg tablet. I think the liver stores B12 (correct me if wrong) so I can get away with taking it weekly.

That would explain it, living in England is never going to cut it.

Yeap, a lot of it! If you are getting insufficient vitamin B12 in your diet you won’t know for a couple of years until stores start to run and out and then symptoms start to present themselves.

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And the symptoms are??

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They can be hard to pinpoint as having a decent folate intake can mask a vitamin b12 decifiency (the two vitamins work together in the body).

In general:

  • Extreme tiredness and lack of energy
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Muscle weakness and pins and needles

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