What are your favorite flavor boosts?

I have never tried them and am curious if they will fix the bags that I got replaced due to the flavor being gone.

So hit me! What are your favorites? When they are back in stock, maybe I will order the top two most popular.

Mint Chocolate is one of my personal fav’s :call_me_hand:

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They used to sell a sampler box with a bunch of the flavors. I liked that because I got to try them all and decide which ones I liked the best.

Which ones did you end up liking best? (I am aware of the sampler packs, and who knows when they’ll be in stock again. That’s why I am asking.)

Hi, Unique. I liked the salted caramel and mocha, and for me the fruit flavors were the weaker ones. But I just looked at the site and the taster pack is available. It is a good deal at $5 for 10 sample flavors. Enjoy your Huel.

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Definitely Apple Cinnamon for me so far, but I feel like either Pumpkin Spice or Gingerbread are close behind - too bad both of these latter two are out of stock right now (except via Sampler Pack, which is how I first tasted these) and even if/when they restock, the Gingerbread will inevitably go away by the time the season’s over.