Week 4 Huel Progress

Time for my first health update since I started using Huel(Human fuel). I started using the product 4 weeks ago. I have one regular meal, lunch, and Huel for the rest of the day. I have also been having fun eating out with friends, a few beers at night occasionally and salty snacks. No real restrictions, just a shift in my choices.

Additionally I starting an indoor cycling challenge. So I am doing endurance and strength training at the same time. I use my Fitbit Versa to track my food intake(calories in/out), weight, and critical metrics like resting heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate ect. Also how much $ I have saved.

Some results…

  • Lost 5.2 lbs
  • Resting HR went from 46 to 43
  • Hr variability topping at 36, 3 points higher
  • Breathing rate dropped by 2 breaths/min
  • Able to sustain high cardio output longer, upper cardio limits
  • Saved $150 from groceries and supplements
  • Zero food waste
  • Good food while traveling :yum:
  • No more figuring out what to eat…just flavors/texture

If you want to try the product you can save 10% by subscribing and another $15 by putting my name in the referral field. See below link

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