We all got our pet peeves. Mine is Huel packaging

I wish it indicated/ said which flavor it was at the front of the powder packaging. Always takes me a few seconds to figure out which package I need to pick up. Wish it was easier to tell the difference

It says it on the back, popcorn!

You could also take a sharpie and write it yourself.

It can be very easy to tell the difference. I ran into the same issue when I first started using Huel Powder. At first, I took a black Sharpie and wrote a large “C” on the Chocolate one and a large “V” on my Vanilla one. That worked fine. Now I just face the bags Nutrition label towards me which has a large name on it as to which flavor it is. Also, if I ever want to look at the Nutritional information again, I don’t have to turn the bag around. Lastly, Huel is saving us money by only producing one bag. If they made a different bag for every flavor, that would cost more and they would pass the cost on to us.


My solution is dumping the bags into marked airtight countertop containers. I’ve got one for each flavor and it stays tidier that way. Also, the little bit of Huel that gets on top of the bag seals would be a food source for tropical bugs in my environment, nobody needs that.

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