Liquid food and sense of empty stomach


Just ordered Huel. I tried in the past liquid food and was disturbed by the sense of empty stomach.

I would love to get advices on removing the sense of empty stomach when taking the shake.


I usually feel pretty full and have a sense of fullness when drinking these. It has quite a nice amount of protein and fiber too.

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I drink Black Edition. It’s macro distribution is different and has more protein, which helps in satiation. Anecdotally, I drink a 400 calorie shake for lunch, and I easily feel full 30 minutes after consuming it. I don’t start feeling any hunger sensations until 5pm to 5:30pm or so. It’s not a problem for me to wait until 6pm for dinner. Just find something to do that takes up your concentration for that time.

Please let us know how you get on with Huel and if you are getting the full feeling as Huel was made to fill you up with all the nutrients your body needs.

If i want a low calorie meal to add with a Huel shake (something to bite into) I eat a big Kale salad with salt pepper and rice vinegar. It has very little calories and can help with the craving of wanting to bit into something.

I do one scoop at a time. So “breakfast” becomes 2 shakes. Same for lunch.
And I add some frozen fruit and a scoop of yogurt to each one. Makes all the difference.