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Hey y’all! I am currently awaiting on my order of Huel and I am super excited about it. I have been wanting to switch to a liquid diet for a long time but just have never really pulled the trigger on it. So the reason I am doing it is because frankly I am horrible about eating. More specifically, when I am hungry and think about eating/cooking, my hunger vanishes or I go and grab fast food. Now my question is how much do I need to consume to gain weight. I am 6’5" and am currently weighing 205 lbs and my ideal weight that I feel comfortable at is 230 to 245. I do not put on fat as I have an insane metabolism. It makes it very hard for me to put on healthy weight. I am planning on using whole milk as well to help with additional calories. How much powder should I use per serving and do y’all have any tips on what to add to it that will aid in weight gain. I am also open to adding weight gainer powder. I plan to go full on 100% liquid diet right away. I drank copious ammounts of protein powder back in the day for wrestling so I am ready for and used to the side effects that I have read about.

Wow in my eyes you have a beautiful problem.

First of you should make an estimate of how many calories you need in order to gain weight. Use something like MyFitnessPal or any other calorie calculator out there.
My honest assumption is that you will need between 2600-3000 to maintain your weight (depends on age, activity levels). Thus you will need at least one more “meal” than most of the population.

So suggestions to boost your huel.
1- whole milk is excellent. Add an extra scoop of huel about 4 (645kcal) or 5 (807kcal without milk). This will do for very large shakes though. I would probably stick with 4 + Milk + peanut butter/nutella/more oats/honey.

2- You can always add bananas, berries and as much fruit as you want. I would not be scared of adding carbohydrates to Huel, since it is really low. Recommended carb is between 45-65% of the energy and Huel provides with 37% of the energy from carbs.

3-In theory, fats are the calorie richest nutrients. So adding fats will make you easier to get to your calorie goal. Cream, butter, coconut oil, nuts, avocado…

4-Add a little bit of ice-cream to your Huel (to one of your Huel’s).

Let’s make it into a real example:

Breakfast: 500 of whole milk (309kcal) with 4 scoops of Huel (645kcal). Total 909kcal:
carbs 84g 36%
Fats 37g 36%
Protein 64g 28%

Lunch: 500 of whole milk (309kcal) with 4 scoops of Huel (645kcal) and two tablespoons of peanut butter (190kcal). Total 1144kcal
Carbs 92g 32%
Fats 53g 42%
Protein 71g 26%

Dinner: 500 of whole milk (309kcal) with 4 scoops of Huel (645kcal) and Ben and Jerrys (200ml 350kcal). Total 1,304kcal
Carbs 126g 39%
Fats 55g 39%
Protein 69g 22%

Total: 3,402kcal
Carbs 302g 36%
Fat 146g 39%
Protein 205g 25%

Notes: I would especially look for options that bump your carbohydrate intake. Like eating some whograin bread or adding oats (what most mass gainers do) or maltodextrin (which I would not do so keenly).
Drinking so much milk might be hard on your stomach and you may want to switch between normal milk and almond milk or other options.
I did not add any snacks, which are a good way to balance out. Even “unhealthy” snacks would be ok from time to time. Huel will boost all the nutrients you need anyways.
You could have another meal replacement shake richer in carbohydrates (Plenny Shake Active, Queal Athletic, Hol Food, Biolent, Vitalhouse) or a mass gainer (ON Serious mass).

Good luck on your journey.

Hey thanks for the informative reply. Huel just got here today and I had my first meal with it. Did 4 scoops, 1 scoop of vegan protien powder, frozen assortment of fruit and milk.

Holy crap was that A LOT to get down but I got it down. I dont know if its in my head but my body feels like its bursting with energy already (1 hourish later). I have had such a lack of nutritious food i think I’m absorbing it all super fast as I’m already a bit snackish and that is weird for me.

One question though, I think I read somewhere that milk is like 70% water. With what im drinking already how many more cups should I use? Say huel cup sized cups.

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Sorry I don´t quite get what you mean here. How much more milk or how much more Huel?

Great to hear that. If you keep adding fruits you will be getting nutrient booms.

While there is no problem adding vegan protein, I would go for a fat or carbohydrate source. I say this because the amount of protein the body can absorbe per meal is believed to be 20-30g or 1.6g/kg of bodyweight per meal.

I feel like you are having enough protein. What you want is prevent your body using the protein for fuel and use carbs and fats, that is why I would go for oats or something of the style.

I meant additional water. Sorry I re read that and yea it was mega unclear. And I will look into eating some oatmeal with my breakfast shake as well.

@latestfuels has already given you some seriously great tips. I just wanted to add in a link to our guide on weight gain with Huel:

Wow, well 3 scoops I would go 300ml to 400ml. For 4+vegan protein you probably need 600ish (a hell of a shake!)
600ml ~ 2.53cups/0.158gallon/1.27pint

and play from there

Hey one more question. What did you mean by nutrient boom. I can’t find anything relevant on that

I meant nutrient bomb or nutrient boost. I use this term when there is a lot of nutrients (especially micronutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients) that do not apport caloric value, but are necessary.

E.g. Nutrient rich food: spinach (not many calories, but contain iron, vit K, vit A, folate, copper, vit b2, vit b6…
Non-nutrient rich food: french fries (lots of calories not much aside from carbs)

I’ve never tried to intentionally gain weight with food (I did it unintentionally years back). But there seems to be one recurring theme in people wanting to gain weight: peanut butter. It’s calorie dense and fairly good for you. Just add a good amount of peanut butter to your Huel and that may be all you need. :slight_smile:

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Well I would do that but from my younger sport years where I ate 4000 cal plus a day there are some foods that just make me sick to even think about. One of them being peanut butter haha. Thanks for the reply though.

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You don’t need the vegan protein powder, each scoop of fuel is 37 g of protein!

*Every 500kcal serving contains 37g of protein. There are 3-4 scoops in a 500kcal serving. :ok_hand: