My own worst enemy

Howdy Hueligans. I hope someone has some words of wisdom. I bought the Huel for weight loss. From the beginning, I found the taste and texture very satisfying. It has a clean, healthy, natural flavor to me. I feel full, and I feel good afterward. I sleep better. I don’t feel drowsy at 3 pm. So here’s the deal: I keep finding something else for meals. I ate a bowl of cereal for lunch. I like cereal, but I know full well it’s more calories and less nutrition. Why?? I keep doing this. I’m smart but I keep making poor choices, even when they are simple. But why???

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Hey Audra! Thanks so much for sharing your story here. I wanted to first say that changing habits/lifestyle is not easy or linear (i.e you may have to adjust along the way) and you are doing amazing!

How often are you consuming Huel and how quickly did you make this change? How often would you like to have Huel? I also want to confirm - are you saying that you are choosing other foods when you would like to consume Huel instead or that you are still hungry after having Huel?

Let me know! :slight_smile:

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I love that you are asking an introspection and psychology question. I don’t know the answers, but I like to figure things out…

Do you have additional flavors of huel? If you look to the cereal for “something different” then try to rotate through flavors more frequently so you aren’t bored. Skinny syrups, pb2, chai tea/matcha powder, etc … so many flavors to try on a basic/simple U/U base.

If you still want the crunch of cereal, eat it as a snack… but decide how many calories you want for lunch, then use a portion for cereal and eat the huel first… so if 400 cal, do 1.5 scoop huel for 300 cal… then have 100 cal of crunchy fun snack. Best of both, and the variety. My cruchy chew lately has been a fuji apple - i have no idea how many calories in an apple because I’m sure it’s better than anything else I could eat after 400 cal of Huel. :slight_smile:

I love these replies. They make sense, but my situation does not. I will have the Huel bag in hand, and still eat some junk instead. I feel full eating Huel, and satisfied. I like the taste and texture. I can’t figure out why I sabotage myself. My plan was to have black coffee for breakfast (not a change), 2 scoops Huel for lunch, my 3 daily Bud Lites after work, and my mini wheats with almond milk for supper. I have many Huel flavors and love them all. I have had my supplies for 10 weeks. I have successfully completed 0 days as planned. Zilch. Nada. Nary a one. I mess up somewhere. Why isn’t this as easy as I think it should be? Why don’t I follow my own directions??

I always mix my Huel the night before and refrigerate overnight. Then in the morning I grab my breakfast and lunch drinks on my way out the door. This works for me to save time in the morning and mentally steers me away from getting anything else for my meals because my drinks are on hand and ready to consume without any other work. As for mixing up the flavors of the drinks I like to blend in some different fruits to experiment with different flavors. My favorite so far is simply mixing a banana in with Huel banana 3.0, tastes just like banana pudding. :slight_smile:

This is a great question! Unfortunately, changing any habits we’ve created can be challenging and are not always as simple as just choosing something else. We can all be a bit hard on ourselves in these moments, but first and foremost know that even thinking about making any change and then reaching out is incredible!

Maybe you’re looking for something with a different texture or flavor. I would try to zoom in on what you’re feeling during those moments a bit more and what your preferences are!

I would also suggest making some smaller goals. Break it up into some manageable pieces. What I mean by this is say maybe instead of every day you will do x, start with one day. Make one small change, whether that’s even something as simple as the suggestion from @rreichertnhs to make your Huel ahead of time. Even if you don’t necessarily consume all of it, find yourself wanting something else, or maybe you consume it and then maybe you eat something else too - starting to change the habit (no matter how small) is a great first step.

This is a great suggestion! Having it made for you can make it a bit easier as you don’t have to go through the process of preparing it. It’s as simple as grab and go!

That’s some good advice. I really appreciate it! I have a little journal, and I’m going to start writing a note each meal. I’ll include what choices I made and how I felt about it. I’ll definitely try making my shakes at night also. I do tend to overthink issues, and I also shoot for the moon. Thanks again for helping me consider my actions and make better choices!


Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

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It sounds like you have a compulsion to eat at least some junk food. Rest assured that you are not alone! Many people struggle with this. You need to keep trying and don’t give up just because you slip up once or twice. There is support out there, e.g. organizations like Weight Watchers, websites, therapists, books … there is a lot of support for you if you look for it.

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I also make spontaneous bad choices. I have even eaten food I know will make me feel bad, instead of the healthy food I have available!! Here’s somethings that are helping me:

Don’t have it around. If it’s a food you shouldn’t eat, don’t have it in your house, even in small quantities.

Only eat when eating. I don’t allow myself to snack while watching T.V. or while working or anything. If I’m going to eat, I stop everything and eat.

Write it all down. I saw someone make that suggestion earlier, and I want to whole hardheartedly second it.

Make healthy easier than unhealthy. So a lot of unhealthy foods are processed and require no real cooking making them easy to grab first. I put all my Huel stuff right out on the counter. I pre-make shakes and throw them in the fridge. I set out whatever bar I’m going to have as a snack. I also have my hot and savory, the cups I use to make it and a full kettle of water just sitting there on the counter. It’s the first thing I see when I enter the kitchen which helps it be my first choice to eat.

Good luck!


I am beginning to wonder if I have made the right decision. Everyone here is on about weight loss, but
ironically, I bought Huel for weight gain. I mostly eat enterically and am trying to find a meal that does not taste as bad in the inevitable reflux as my prescription foods (Abbott Jevity & Nestle Nutren 2.0)

Huel can be used for whatever you’re looking to accomplish. There’s various posts about this, but I would suggest 1.5-2 servings at a time and possibly upping your caloric intake. I’m sure that others that are far more experienced than I am will chime in, as I too have been on a multi-year weight loss journey of my own.

Just realized I’d love a Huel cereal.
Also, there are some excellent responses here. I’m not OP, but thank you!

They had a granola a while back but it was discontinued

Darn, I joined too late! :frowning:

Hi Audra, :slight_smile:

Great title for this thread!

First, you’re not alone. Every one of us knows what we ought to do in a given situation, yet we struggle with doing the right thing. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. Which leads me to my next point…

Second, you’re not perfect. Accept that fact. No one is. No one will ever be. It is an unrealistic goal and an impossible dream. Weight loss is about progress, not perfection.

Third, focus on the positive. Attitude is everything. And what is the best attitude? “Gratitude is attitude” So, state out loud and in writing what you are grateful for. Start your morning with a list. Throughout the day, acknowledge the little things you’re grateful for. Someone opened a door for you. A beautiful flower in a bed of weeds. The sun shining and the clouds fluffy. Before going to bed, recap all the things and people and places for which you are grateful.

Forth, this is the most important point and the hardest fact to accept. I’m selfish. I want what I want when I want it. And when see it in others, I get upset… because I see the selfishness in me.

Take a long, honest, look at yourself; I suspect you might see you are selfish, at least at times, too.

Quick and easy, short-lasting weight loss is a selfish endeavor. Meaningful, long lasting weight loss is a selfless endeavor.

“OK, how do I stop being so selfish?” Well, the opposite of selfishness is selflessness. At any given moment, I am somewhere on a continuum between complete selfishness to complete selflessness. Imagine the horizontal x axis line that we learned about in basic geometry. Label the left end selfishness and the right end selflessness. Now imagine the little tick marks along the axis. You don’t know it, but by lunch time, you are way over to the left end of that x axis. This is the danger zone for you. Why are you way over on that end? You will have to figure that out for yourself, but look at all that you’ve done, said, seen, heard, and felt since you’ve woken up. Whatever happened along the way has moved you toward the very left end of the axis… Your goal, Audra, is to get to the other end, selflessness, as quickly as possible.

How do I get to selflessness? That’s the good news. It’s pretty easy, actually. Do something for someone else. Anything. Ask someone a question like “How is your day going?” Offer to help someone with a task. Think about friends and family members’ upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and shop for a card, make a card, shop for a present, make a present. Donate to an organization. Join a group on fb. Listen to music. Learn something new. Meditate. Pray. Google selflessness for hundreds of other ideas.

How do you stop being your worst enemy? Be your best friend. What would your best friend say to you if you started slurping cereal in front of her, knowing that you are trying to get healtheir, trying to lose weight? She would be kind, encouraging, supportive, understanding, compassionate. But she would not say, “Oh, go on ahead, Audra. It’s ok. Eat what you want. It doesn’t matter.”.