Tips for transitioning to 100% huel

looking for tips on transitioning from 2 to 3 meals a day.
i’m having problems going from breakfast and lunch to all day huel. once i have the third meal of all huel, i crave ingesting traditional food so much i’m usually not even hungry and i eat something. which is causing me to loose weight.
besides having actual willpower does anyone have any tips on the transition?

i’m looking to loose approximately 25 more lbs. i’ve lost 20 on huel so far.

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Well, a simple solution might be to try another ready to go complete food, such as Vite Ramen or Overnight Oats, as your third meal.

But eventually you’ll need to learn to formulate a variety of good quality meals for the long run. Man cannot live on Huel alone, at least not forever. Yes, it’s possible and fairly healthy to do 100% Huel for a period for time. But no person will just do this till the day they die. Variety and flexibility are good for your diet.

Whole food plant based meals are your best long term solution, IMO.

Integrate WFPB meals as Deron mentioned. I use Veestro as I have 0 time to cook during the day. Sub Huel 1-2x a day with a Veestro or Vite Ramen for dinner.


I’m not quite sure why people have this idea to go 100%. I’ve tried a couple times with the hope of easier calorie counting and not having to cook/ grocery shop. But, after a long time just accepted 75% is the most that is reasonable for me.

Keep low calorie salty foods in stock such as white cheddar rice cakes and meal prep a bunch of 500ish calorie meals. By fighting the cravings and trying to go 100% you will just end up bingeing and then try to cut calories next day further and binge again. Understand that the aromas, colors, and mouth feel play a large role in being satisfied while being on a diet.

Also for weight loss make sure you aren’t in too big of a deficit or do too much exercise. A bingeing will result. This is coming from someone who used to weigh 283 and have maintained 190-200 at 6’2" for years and have coached many people.


thanks everyone for all your help. i have given into the 75% huel, which has transitioned to one day off one day on and this seems to work the best for me.

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