Teacher Discount - Who Agrees?

I’m an educator located in the U.S. who uses Huel regularly because my schedule is quite tricky. As many of you probably know, most teachers in the United States are drastically underpaid and overworked - Huel really helps with that, but the price can likely be prohibitive for many new teachers, who really are the ones who need it most!

Please comment if you agree that Huel should offer a teacher discount. :slight_smile:


I believe they offer discounts for special responders, would be cool if they included educators.

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Yes, please! I love bringing Huel to school with me each day - perfect meal that takes no prep time so i can grade papers during the day and NOT at home! :slight_smile:

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Hi @broozi welcome to the US Forum! :hugs:

This is a great suggestion and I will certainly pass it along to our team for consideration. In the meantime, thank you for all that you do, we really appreciate you💕