I want to gain weight as I'm having a hard time eating

Hello It’s my first time here. I am currently 125 pounds and 5’10 height.
i want to gain weight with minimal exercise such as dumbells only.
I am currently having a hard time eating I can’t even finish a plate.
I have tried protein shakes before but they just make me bloated and make me nauseous.

I was wondering if i drink the new RTD twice a day would that help on my diet.

Thank you and have a good huel day.

Heyo! The RTD can help with gaining weight because it has a high calorie amount along with added protein. I recommend using it along with eating regular meals rather than just a meal replacement. The more calories you consume, the more weight gaining.


So is it okay to drink rtd three times a day ?

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My friend, you can consume Huel powder or Huel RTD as much as you like. It’s a balanced complete food with prorated amounts of vitamins per serving. So there’s no real danger in “going over” any maximum amount of any micro nutrient. Should be safe to consume 2000 or even up to 3000 calories of Huel a day.

In the long run, the powdered Huel will save you money. But Huel RTD is quite tasty on its own and convenient AF. Huel powder 400 calories works out to around $2.30 per serving, whereas the Huel RTD 400 calorie bottle is about twice that since you pay for the convenience. Something to keep in mind.


What Deron said! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Where I am using Huel to lose weight, a colleague of mine at work is using like you want to, for weight gains. He is a bodybuilder so consumes a tremendous amount of daily calories. He has replaced all of his commercial weight gainer products with Huel and has never felt in better health.

I’m in my mid 40’s and 66% of my daily intake is Huel. I have not felt as good as I do since I was in my early 20s. I’m sleeping better, have steady energy throughout the day, my arthritis pains are reduced, all since I started using Huel 3 weeks ago. When I reach my weight loss goal, I plan to keep Huel in my diet. It is good stuff! Please note I am not saying that Huel reduces arthritis pains, but better overall nutrition than what I was consuming is.


You are not the first person to notice this type of thing. There’s a lot of anecdotal reports of people switching to a plant-based diet or removing dairy/red meat from their diet and getting improvements in their various inflammatory conditions. Whether it’s the stuff in the animal products which is not longer consumed, or the higher level of “anti-oxidants” in plant food, or an improvement in gut bacteria, or more fiber. Something seems to be helping a lot of people when they make this kind of switch. More research needs to be done on it, that’s for sure.

Could it be that arthritis and a lot of our auto-immune diseases are caused by or exaggerated with certain dietary components? It’s not that far fetched. We are highly certain that some of the standard American diet components play a key role in atherosclerosis which leads to coronary heart disease. And we have come to understand that atherosclerosis has a major inflammatory component to it.


Thanks for the reply every one i am going to order the rtd berry flavor.

I think it is important to consider what @Tyler_Huel has said about taking the RTD together with your usual meals, and not “instead of”.

If you are looking to put on weight one think is clear: you need to consume more calories that what you are currently having.

Thus, Huel RTD could be helpful, since it has 400kcal in 500ml (which for me it is really easy to consume). However, 400kcal are not much if this product is replacing a big meal or makes you full for long.

In fact, Huel powder with extras (peanut butter, fruits, honey, syrup, coconut oil/flakes, cookies…) could be more caloric dense than Huel RTD. Furthermore, it offers you more alternatives (and easier) to increase the caloric output of your shake in order to meet you calorie goals. Nevertheless, if you have had trouble with protein powders, you could find Huel powder to be equally (if not more) filling.

Thus, I would consider both to be good options. Unfortunately, there are no smaller samples for the powder or starter kits where you can try different products; thus you will have to make a “considerable” economic commitment to try both.

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