Type 2 Diabetic - IBS

My husband and I have been using your product almost a year now. It is really helpful with controlling my IBS. However my blood sugar have been out of control and I am trying to follow a LCHF food program. My blood sugar have dropped significantly as well as my weight. Huel does not come close to being compliant with allowable food. I miss my morning shake and the te regularity it provided. Any way to look at the LCHF good list and creating a Huel for type 2 diabetics?

19 year hospital pharmacist (and former Type 2) here. Just curious. May I ask what your post-meal (1 or 2 hours after) blood sugar levels are after a meal of Huel? What kind of fasting blood sugar number the next morning? And what is the usual calorie size of Huel meal, like 400 calorie, 500 calorie? Is the Huel mixed in milk or any additive or is it just Huel in water?

Huel is suitable for type 2 diabetics. It is based on oats and is high in fibre. Huel is low in sugar and has a low GI of 19.

However, some type 2 diabetics tolerate carbohydrates better than others. Here are a couple hacks to make Huel low-carb: https://huel.com/pages/low-carb-huel-two-hacks

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