New T2 Diabetic; Huel's a godsend to make all the management less overwhelming

Hi, everyone. I’m Don. Currently a grounded flight attendant due to the pandemic, working as a COVID-19 contact tracer to help out my community and get paid for it while I wait to return to the air and a hobbyist web developer as a side hustle–though more ‘hobby’ than ‘side hustle’ at the moment. Nice to be here.

I was recently diagnosed with T2DM three months ago with an A1C of 12.8% (321 mg/dl eAG) and a glucose reading of 390 mg/dl (Comp Metabolic Panel). With the stress of my current job, the knowledge that now I needed to make my life a job–especially with those initial numbers–was incredibly overwhelming. I was able to get everything back down to ADA normal ranges with a fairly controlled diet and got my home glucose averages below 120 mg/dl (estimated A1C of 5.9%) in about a month and a half’s time, but while I felt good and healthy it was mentally straining to add on managing my life when I spend 09:00-20:00 local time in my life managing other people’s lives.

Enter Huel. I bought a one-time order of the first three Hot and Savory flavors to see how it could fit into my management. After it looked like everything would fit, I made the Hot and Savory a subscription and added one bag of Huel Black Edition (Coffee Caramel) to see how it fits.

Data from my food logs

Hot and Savory - Mexican Chilli
Before Meal: 98 mg/dl
After Meal: 116 mg/dl (After exercise; with metFORMIN 250mg)

Hot and Savory - Spicy Indian Curry
Before Meal: 87 mg/dl
After Meal: 117 mg/dl

Hot and Savory - Tomato and Herb
Before Meal: 102 mg/dl
After Meal: 122 mg/dl

Hot and Savory - Sweet and Sour
Before Meal: 110 mg/dl
After Meal: 110 mg/dl

Hot and Savory - Thai Green Curry
Before Meal: 102 mg/dl
After Meal: 93 mg/dl (After exercise; with metFORMIN 250mg)

Black Edition - Coffee Caramel
Before Meal: 104 mg/dl
After Meal: 149 mg/dl (With metFORMIN 250mg)

Black Edition - Coffee Caramel
Before Meal: 95 mg/dl
After Meal: 111 mg/dl (After exercise; with metFORMIN 250mg)

A godsend for my life thus far

Overall, it’s been a godsend for me that Huel has worked well with my meal plans. During a stressful day between calls it made it easy to make sure I reached for a healthy option instead of going for either a bad food option or an overpriced salad. It’s given me more time to just focus on stress-reducing activities during my breaks and lunch and significantly reduced the time I spent each day and each week planning out my meals. All in all, it made things simple, and I need that in my life because the stuff I manage outside of life is Really Complicated.

While I have some friends and family that feel the cost is high for an instant meal, and my dietician shows “some concern” (air quotes because it’s via messaging and not a face to face conversation so no explicitly-said concern) by reminding me to assemble meals with the plate method in mind and giving me praise whenever I eat an actual meal, Huel has given me a sense of peace in my day-to-day–especially since I’m not limited to just drinking shakes!

The price-per-meal isn’t really that much, and even if it was the amount of time and stress I save myself is worth it. I’m also hoping that, when I start flying again, this will help my meal plans when I’m on the go: prepackaged, so potentially easier to go through customs and immigration without losing food; no refrigeration needed so no more packing ice in my crew cooler; and a food option to use when the only thing open serves nothing but fast food.

I’ll be taking my next A1C in two days. My meter tells me that my 30/90-day average is 110 mg/dl, so I’m hoping that’ll translate to an actual A1C of 5.5% (110 mg/dl eAG). I’m looking forward to see what it’ll be!


Hey Don! Thanks so much for sharing your story and it’s awesome to see how Huel has been a part of it. Please keep us updated on how everything goes and let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi, @Charlotte_Huel! Thank you. I just got my A1C result back this evening and I’ve been ecstatic about it: 5.6% (114 mg/dl eAG).

I realize that I’ve only started this journey and it’s gonna be a lifetime of work, but I’m really happy about my results, and happy thus far that Huel can help me make good decisions during times when it’s really tempting to make bad decisions. I have an order of Black Edition (Salted Caramel and Banana) coming along with four more bags of Hot and Savory (trying out the Coconut Curry this time) so I have meals on hand–plus I threw in three of the bars and the flavor boost sampler.

I’m a bit sad I didn’t order more Black Edition earlier as I’ll actually have to make breakfast for three days until my order comes, but as backup-to-the-backup I’ve had frozen breakfasts prepped for such an occasion (and for when I don’t want to cook–which is ‘always’ in the morning). While I still have no timeline for when I will return to flying, I’m looking forward to packing my cooler with Huel and probably fruit and nuts to keep me away from tempting, overpriced, and unhealthy airport options.


Hey Don - Wow, that is incredible! Please know we are here and happy to support you along the journey however we can. :grin:

And I hope your order arrives soon! It’s great you have some other options prepared just in case though, too.

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