Sweetness is over the top

Sorry but tis product is ridiculously sweet. Whether sugar or substitutes. This product sent my partners glucose monitor off the scale.
I thought this was a ‘health product’. I notice in the adjoining response you say there are low sugar. This was not at all clear when ordering.
Can you send a returns label and then refund.


I mix sweet with unsweetened because I agree that sugar is delicious but I don’t want so much

If your partner has a glucose monitor they should have read the product label to make an informed (and consenting) decision to consume a food item regardless of your suggestion that it’s a “health product.”

Apples and carrots (for example) are generally healthy food choices for the average person, but the choices a diabetic must make requires more mindfulness about carbs and their own context. Some people need higher or lower fiber. Same with salt. My point is that there really can be no universally correct “health product”

If you could concede this point, then maybe you could consider the unsweetened Huel for when “what i eat for lunch” is too difficult to answer - especially given the minefield of options typically available in American restaurants (and at home)

Even if you don’t, others reading this thread might enjoy a different viewpoint.

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Which product are you referring to?

Hi @PLC I’m so sorry to hear you and your partner have not gotten on with your order. Could you please email our customer experience team at support@huel.com with your order number, so they can look into this for you?

Dear Kathryn

Thank you for getting back to me.

As your nutritionists now only too well sugar in the western world is causing so much harm.

It s included in your product which Huel promote as healthy.

I require a refund as previously requested.

Please send a label for the return.

This is not a healthy product but a load of refined ‘mush’.

Yous sincerely

Peter Cobbledick

Hi Peter! Apologies for the delay here. Could you please email support@huel.com with your order number, so that our customer support team can assist you? We do not handle returns on the forum.