Substitution without notice

Just placed my third order and was so excited to see it arrive soon soon! 2 vanilla, 1 cookies and cream and 1 mac and cheese. New mixer cup and some scoops.

When I grabbed the h&s bag it wasn’t mac but sweet and sour. Not to concerned and not wanting to go through a return I tried it and it’s terrible. Way to chunky and a terrible flavor. I wish I got an email if it was out of stock. The h&s flavors don’t sound appealing to me outside the one I ordered.

Hey Bissmo, I’m sorry to hear about the rogue Sweet and Sour coming your way. This sounded pretty strange so I’ve checked in with the team who have done some digging and we can see this change was made by yourself at 09:56 CDT on September 26th in the account area and the reason given was that you wanted a different product. Does this ring any bells?

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I had contacted by email. Everything is ok, seems like it may have been a mistake on my end. Everything’s handles and all set. You guys really take customer service to the next level and it’s appreciated.


Dang, we love to hear this. Thanks so much for taking the time to say so :pray: