Subscription process is confusing

I made an order under subscription and it appeared as if my order wouldn’t be dispatched until the time period I put in, which was 2 weeks away. I wanted an immediate order and another one in 2 weeks. I moved the dispatch date to the current date and now it looks like I’m going to get orders delivered on back to back days. Now I won’t need another order for at least 4 weeks and I adjusted my subscription to reflect that, but it could definitely be more clearly communicated.

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Hey there. On 9/3 you placed a subscription order with a delivery preference of every 4 weeks. This completes your first order. However, it appears you went under the newly created subscription and resubmitted a second order on 9/3–hence the double orders. Now your subscription is set up to charge your next order on October 17th.

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That is exactly what happened, but when I set up the subscription it didn’t indicate the first shipment would be processed immediately. I assumed that it would so I went into my order history and the only item in there was the subscription with the dispatch date 2 weeks away which is why I made the change. I understand what happened in hindsight and I’m not too terribly inconvenienced other than needing to figure out where I’m going to store it all, haha. It would just be nice if it was clearer. I would have had the answer if I just waited a day to see how it would turn out, but I wasn’t that patient and figured there was a possibility of doubling up. Oh well. I wasn’t sure if the DATE on order history was just the date I setup the subscription or if it was the date my order was being processed and prepared for delivery.

Also, I assume that the dispatch date acts as the day the order is submitted and prepared to ship and then I’ll receive the product roughly 3 business days or so from that date. Is that correct?

That’s correct–the dispatch date is the day the order charges and begins movement. Usually you receive your order 2-5 days after this date.

We are tightening up our subscription process–a new website update should fix that current issue. Trust me, you aren’t the first to run into this issue so we are aware of it!

In the meantime, did you want to return that extra order? I can supply a free return label if so.

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Thanks for offering, but I’m fine with what I’ve got. Much appreciated.