Subscription Mess Up

I messed up with my subscription and this sucks! We moved recently and I forgot to update my Huel subscription. I got a notification that it shipped and immediately reached out to FedEx to see if they could deliver to our new address. They say Huel has restricted shipping and I can not modify it, I need to contact Huel.

I send Huel an email (since apparently they don’t have a phone number) on Friday. FedEx estimates Sunday delivery.

On Sunday, the order is delivered. I receive an email shortly after from Huel saying they’re looking into the matter.

On Monday, Huel emails back and says the order was already delivered and there is nothing they can do. Well, obviously! If they had promptly worked my original email, we wouldn’t have an issue. The problem is there is no way I can pick it up since we’re several hours away.

I know this is my fault for not changing the address (moving is crazy), but I feel like with better customer service, they could have had an even happier subscriber. I almost want to cancel this altogether, but I’ll wait until I cool down to make a decision.

I doubt know if the same people answer email as those who participate in these forums, but I’ve seen great customer service here. Wait until one of the Huel reps replies to this thread before you take any other action

@mattcall Oh man, you’re absolutely right moving is one of the most hectic transitions you can go through! Completely understandable your subscription fell to the back of your mind. I’m going to go ahead and respond to that email thread you were chatting on about what we can do for next steps😁 Shoutout you @miked for giving sound advice to a faithful Hueligan😉

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