Subscription Customization

I would really love to see the ability to mix different items in a single subscription without temporary add-ons.

Here’s an example order of a mixed subscription:

  • 2 bags of Thai Curry
  • 1 box of Huel bars
  • 1 bag of Black powder

Subscriptions for these with their minimum order amounts in total would be $200.
My custom subscription is literally half this at $100.

I imagine the current minimum subscription amounts is because the products are produced and shipped from different locations. Or am I just wrong and don’t see this feature?

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The purpose of our sample option is to offer the ability to try products of other ranges/versions without needing to commit to subscribing to them.

Of course, we’re always looking to innovate more ways for you to try out these products! For example, this is why we added the ability to add singular Huel bars and Ready-to-Drink bottles, as opposed to full cases, to active subscriptions or one-time purchases! As @Cellcubed noted, we do offer the same ability for Black Edition (and Hot and Savory) but they will be purchased at our minimum order quantity price.

Single item subscription add-ons are something that our team is actively looking into. We genuinely appreciate the feedback and will continue to strive to make all of our product range as accessible as possible moving into the new year! Thanks for loving Huel guys, have wonderful rest of your days. :relaxed:

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