Sourcing of ingredients? GMO's and pesticides?


Thank you for your reply Teresa.

My issue is with the fact that until recently, the Huel website had a very different position on the subject. It did not claim to use GMO products, however, it also claimed not to be “GMO-Free” for very good reasons.

Stating clearly on your website that Huel is “GMO-Free” when you know that you do not use ingredients that COULD be GMO is a cheap marketing ploy. It has the appearance of placating unsubstantiated fears for the purpose of selling more product. I find that position unethical.

If Huel does not contain GMO ingredients because none of it’s ingredients WOULD be eligible for GMO, then I think the site should not address it either way. Otherwise you look as silly as Whole Foods who sells “NON-GMO” water.


Ha ha ha ha ha. Non-GMO water. Well, thank God someone let me know water has not been genetically modified.

Again, is this really worth the moral outrage? I don’t foresee droves of Hulers leaving the product over this non-issue.

This is, quite literally, a nothing burger. Get it? Because Huel is vegan…

and non-GMO. Don’t forget that part.


Genetically modified organisms can be good or bad depending on what you do. For example, you can genetically engineer food that actually has more nutrition, but you can also genetically engineered food that has the word phytonutrients if you look up which apples have the most antioxidants for example, you will learn that some of the genetically modified of varieties have the lowest antioxidant counts because they were engineered night to bruise and they were engineered for other things that don’t have to do with nutrition. However, at the myth that it causes cancer and things aren’t true. As for organic versus non-organic, studies have been done that the nutritional content between both is very similar. If you are going to argue that there is more omega three in organic eggs and grass fed meat, yes, there is a very small, negligible amount, but not really enough to matter and for the most part, the nutrition is the same. I just eat regular fruits and vegetables and I have been fine. I have tried the organic ones, and in addition to being more expensive, many of them are hard and gross.