Something may have gone wrong with my recent subscription order

Hi, I had some weirdness with a recent subscription order, #614553-US

Paypal was charged, then it was refunded on the day that the subscription was scheduled for (yesterday, Dec 20), then today a new charge for a little less.

I checked my account, and it looks like subscription is being shipped without the one-time addition of some peanut butter flavor boost. I checked Upcoming Deliveries, and the PB flavor boost is there, still scheduled for yesterday.

The reason I added it the flavor boost to my subscription in the first place was so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping on it. Can this be resolved without waiting for my next subscription shipment?

Also, just curious, but will I be receiving my usual Original flavor or the new Vanilla 3.0 in this order?


Hi @ericb! I’m going to dive into this right now for you. It sounds like it might have been a slight technical error on our end trying to amend the currently out of stock Peanut Butter Flavor Boost that was in your subscription. I can confirm you will be receiving our new v3.0 in that shipment heading your way! I hope you love the improvements❤ It truly is our best Huel yet.

I can assure you we won’t have you pay for the shipping on the flavor boost as well😁 I’ll send you over an email to see if there is another flavor you would be interested in trying while PB is out of stock.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful week!

Thanks Christian, I’m looking forward to trying the new version. The offer to send a flavor boost while we wait for PB is very generous! I’ll talk to my wife and get back to you via email.

Merry Christmas to you and your family :slight_smile:

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Sounds great! Thanks Eric🤗 Same to you and yours.